Tips and Tricks for your survival

Hi, nothing much to write here except for some stuff that I think the Wirasand Wirawatis should know. They may seem like simple things but be careful,even the slightest details could make your life there seems more miserable.Here are the tips you might want to consider to follow:
- When they are handing over your clothes and stuffs, choose bigger dresssizes (e.g., if your pants size is 31, choose 32) because the clothesprovided (especially the blue P.T. shirts and the black P.T. pants) willshrink tremendously after you sent them to the laundry. (Or maybe you wouldlike to wash them on your own)

- Make friends with the staffs and the trainers there, they are willing tohelp you anytime you need them. If you make friends with the canteen staffs,they’ll give you more food. If you make friends with the laundry guys,you’ll probably get discounts for your laundry and maybe you could also sendyour socks everyday (socks could only be sent on Fridays but I sent themeveryday).

- Don’t be shy to ask for your favourite parts of chicken or if you wantmore food or something. The canteen staffs would be happy to give it to you.

- Bring a notebook and a few pens. The notebook they provide you with isquite thin and you’ll run out of paper quite soon. And try to avoid lettinganyone borrow your pen, because the guy who borrows your pen will pass it tohis friends who also didn’t bring a pen and he will pass it to anotherfriend and so on until your pen would be lost.

- Never leave your spare keys under your bed. It’s the first place where the thieves would be looking for. Find some place safe and unimaginable.

- This one is for the guys: do not sleep on your bed without wearing a shirtor else, you could see a huge brown or black mark in the shape of your bodyemblazoned on your white bed sheet. It’s formed by the huge amount of DeAd skin cells aka DAKI

- Bring some ENOs and diarrhea pills. I’m not saying the food there isunclean and unhygienic but just bring them for precautionary measures.

- Bring a calendar (a small one). Ticking on the dates on the calendar everymorning as each day passes by could be fun and it could give you a littlebit of spirit to keep on going with the NS program if you think like “Wow!XX days already? And only XX more days to go? Unbelievable, feels like Ijust came here yesterday” as you tick on the dates.

- Take off your socks and watches during water activities. For those who arewearing water resistant watches, take it off if your activities will beconducted in the sea because salt water will cause the components of thewatch to rust in a short amount of time. Wash them immediately if they madecontact with salt water.

- Wear long sleeves and long pants while you’re sleeping at night becausethere are a lot of mosquitoes out there. Or you could just cover yourself upwith the blanket (if you’re comfortable with it).

- If you’re wearing white socks, wash them immediately after use or theywill turn yellow the next day (especially if your socks are the thick woolytypes)

- Bring lots of hangers and pegs. They are very important to keep yourlaundries from making contact with the ground.

- Wear your cap if there’s a gathering. The cap will protect your head fromthe small stones falling out from ‘nowhere’. (Okay, maybe not ‘nowhere’, butit’s really hard to find out who’s been throwing stones at you for the past2 hours)

- Wear a sun block. Very important.

- Bring some collared shirts. You need to wear them in special ceremonies.

- Bring more socks. The socks there seem to disappear mysteriously.

- If you’re bringing a hand phone, make sure your service network providercovers the network of the area around your camp.

Other than that, I think other stuffs that I didn’t mention here could begained from experience. And in case any of the tips isn’t very helpful, Iwould like to apologize to you. Hope they can help you to get through the NSprogram without much problem. Till then, wish you guys good luck and all thebest.